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Equity in Literacy Assessments for Latinx Bilinguals

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The BLAST bilingual app addresses the need for equitable assessment and literacy development materials for the growing population of young Latinx bilingual and multilingual learners in U.S. schools.


What is BLAST?

a girl named Cloe waving her hand and saying 'Hello'
BLAST is a bilingual app that helps educators make more informed placement decisions, monitor progress, and create personalized instruction.

Why Do Schools Need a New Solution?

25% of school-age children in the U.S. speak Spanish at home.
Lack of detailed individualized data causes educational inequity for Latinx bilingual and multilingual learners.
Schools lack sufficient bilingual tools: monolingual assessments are used with bilingual children.

How It Works


Teachers access their account and class roster.

Welcome to BLAST - Demo

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